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Free download of Simulation Games, a learning tool. In this article, you will find how experiential learning through the power of business simulations for training converts into a unique tool for understanding systemic, complex and dynamic realities.

Collaboration is not always possible

Collaboration is not always possible

Collaboration is not always possibleOne of the conclusions from the research on the Cooplexity Model (Zamora Enciso, 2018) was that collaboration is not always possible. It depends on the state of evolution of the team consciousness of the group. Groups that achieved better results were found to have passed through the three levels of the …

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Structures influence behaviour

The importance of the contextOne of the most practical learnings of systems theory is that structures influence behaviour. We can consider structures as being whatever influences our decisions. We can refer to the procedures, rules, manuals of operation, the database with one type of inputs and formats and not others, instructions about how to make …

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What is executive coaching?

What is executive coaching?There is no universally accepted definition of coaching. Virtually all coaching schools and researchers have their own or differ slightly from each other.The most widespread coaching organization, the USA-based International Coach Federation (ICF), with 30,000 members and a presence in almost 140 countries, defines coaching as partnering with clients in a creative …

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional IntelligenceHoward Gardner published in 1983 Frames of Mind, establishing its theory of multiple intelligences for the first time. In a later work, he summarizes them in the following way (Gardner, 1993): Linguistic Intelligence, Logical-mathematical Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence and Intrapersonal Intelligence. Of the seven, we are concerned about the last …

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