I have specialised in issues connected to what is shaping as complexity science and collaboration. I am deeply convinced of the goodness of collaborative solutions to address today’s problems.


Researcher and Speaker, specialised in Cohesion & Distributed Leadership.

Committed to the distributed leadership processes of management teams, from diagnosis to intervention, from learning to results.

I dedicated my last 25 years to the research and promotion of Distributed Leadership as a way to transform modern organisations into competitive and sustainable working places and as a catalyst to develop talent and wellbeing for professionals.
As a professor, I aim to spread this vision to new generations. As a researcher, I commit with scientific rigour. As a consultant, I work to transform firms from individual, team and organisational levels. As a person, I dream to contribute society.

My main areas of specialisation and interest are:

  • VUCA environments. Complexity in business, uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Key topics such as proactivity, cohesion and self-coordination.
  • Experiential learning, constructivism and interactive learning.
  • Theory of Systems, Complexity and Adaptive Complex Systems from the perspective of the organization.
  • Human behaviour related to interdependence and collaboration.
  • Learning methodologies based on simulation and gaming.



The Cooplexity model (cooperation in complexity) is the result of more than ten years of research and five of data collection. This collaboration model provides a framework for managing teams in situations of uncertainty and change.

Usually, decision-making and management are carried out in orderly, stable and certainty environments. Managers are often not trained or used to dealing with unpredictable events or conditions. The anxiety and bewilderment that appear in situations of uncertainty and complexity confuse and block. The answer to VUCA world is teams.

Download the Cooplexity Model poster