Cooplexity model

We are wiser together than we are alone!

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Three approaches to managing uncertainty

Cultural Transformation 

We aim to facilitate cultural integration and change implementation to align objectives and focus the organisation on customers.

Teams Cohesion

We develop leaders and team dynamics to break silos and improve inter and intra-team coordination.

Distributed Leadership

We seek to create spontaneous, interconnected collective initiatives and align people’s energy with corporate goals.

Trust is everything in relationships!


Something to learn through lived experience


Managing uncertainty implies adapting to change, taking the initiative, and providing different solutions to produce novelties and uncover opportunities.


Effective initiatives imply being collective, which means the ability to relate, always seeking effective communication, and favouring more efficient and collaborative work teams.


Real opportunities are founded on varied perspectives, integrating diversity, harmonising available resources, and prioritising synergy.

Cooperation in complexity


Cooplexity, a model for collaboration in complexity in times of uncertainty and change.

The team takes the relay in complex and interdependent environments where the individual is overwhelmed or depends on others to achieve their goals. A new management approach is necessary to manage this context, allowing the organisation to confront risks and take advantage of opportunities and synergies.
Confront permanent change and uncertainty is something that organisations should do collectively from a team perspective with distributed leadership.
Cooplexity presents a unique collaboration model that rigorously embraces three working levels: individual, group and organisational.
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Trust Development Model Poster

In this DIN A3 poster, you will find a convenient summary of all the key ideas:

  • The three levels of the model (individual, team and network), their approach and implications on knowledge, diversity and collaboration.
  • The map with the six famous steps to reach the maximum confidence level.
  • A road map that expands, step by step, all the characteristics of each level.

Key Structural Elements Poster

The systemic structure is the pattern of interactions and relationships between the different members of a team.
In this DIN A3 poster, six areas explain this pattern that conditions people's behaviour.

Modifying this set of contextual conditions will generate trust, commitment and new relationship forms, redefining what can and cannot happen.

Teamwork Intelligence Poster

The research found six essential competencies when discussing the characteristics of the best "collaborative players". Each step of the model claims a particular skill. Developing all of them at the right moment ensures the team evolves towards the maximum level of trust.

In this DIN A3 poster, you will find them explained and associated with the steps.

Map of connections

If you are curious about the connections of the Cooplexity Model with the different areas of knowledge, this enormous DIN A1 size poster (594 × 841 mm / 23.39 x 33.11 in) shows them to you. 

In it, you will see associated with the three levels, all these references, and some exciting tips.

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