Ricardo Zamora

He has been focusing the last 20 years on researching and promoting Distributed Leadership as a way to transform modern organisations into competitive and sustainable working places and as a catalyst to develop talent and wellbeing for professionals. As a professor, he aims to spread this vision to young generations. As a researcher, he commits scientific rigour. As a consultant, he works to transform firms from individual, team and organisational levels. As a person, he dreams to contribute to society.

The new organisation is distributed

In today’s complex and interdependent environment where the individual is overwhelmed or needs others to help achieve their goals, it is the team that takes the baton. In this context, a new management approach is necessary, allowing the organisation to confront potential risks and take advantage of potential opportunities and synergies. Organisations should confront permanent change …

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Why does a business simulation expand mental model?

In the current VUCA context, where continuous learning is what matters, expanding our mental models becomes essential to gain tolerance, flexibility and adaptation. Halfway between a pure game and a pure simulation, the game/simulation, commonly in a business simulation format, provides invaluable help. Simulation is popularly defined as a partial representation of reality which selects …

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