Ricardo Zamora

He has been focusing the last 20 years on researching and promoting Distributed Leadership as a way to transform modern organisations into competitive and sustainable working places and as a catalyst to develop talent and wellbeing for professionals. As a professor, he aims to spread this vision to young generations. As a researcher, he commits scientific rigour. As a consultant, he works to transform firms from individual, team and organisational levels. As a person, he dreams to contribute to society.

Emotional Intelligence

  Howard Gardner publishes in 1983 Frames of Mind establishing by the first time its theory of the multiple intelligences. In a later work, he summarizes them in the following way (Gardner, 1993): Linguistic Intelligence, Logical-mathematical Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence and Intrapersonal Intelligence. Of the seven, we are concerned about …

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