Executive Coaching: results through participative leadership.

In 7 tasks / 3 to 6 months.
A program that develops the personal capacity to achieve results through participation.

A scientific method with executive coaching techniques to become the best version of yourself, whether you lead or are part of a team.

Executive Coaching uses a scientific method that ensures success if there is a real commitment.
It does not require much time, but it does require being aware and keeping in mind the exercises that are performed on a day-to-day basis.

Be a team leader

Connect with your team, give them space, build trust and value their contributions.

Through the conscious practice of the exercises in this participative leadership program, it is possible to identify positive behaviours and turn them into habits.


Sé un líder de equipo

Conecta con tu equipo, entiende las necesidades de los demás y valora sus aportaciones.

Independientemente del carácter o la personalidad, con un ejercicio de práctica consciente, es posible identificar comportamientos positivos y convertirlos en hábitos.


The executive coaching program


Before leading others, one must do their development.

Self discovery

Know your leadership profile and its relationship with the character. Accept pros and cons, and turn good practices that expand your limits into habits.

Self development

Learn to emulate the functional behaviours of four effective leadership skills in changing situations.

Self management

Influential leaders put their energy into what motivates them, and, at the same time, they complement themselves with others to compensate for their limitations.


What are your values? What is the most profound force that moves you in life?

Values are linked to affect and motivate action. They go beyond specific situations and serve as criteria and guides in our decisions.


What emotions do values awaken in you? How do you react to what is happening around you?

Emotions interrupt what is happening and focus on what is important to us. They alter us and motivate us to act.

Shall we talk about the executive coaching program for you?

A program to develop participative leadership


The program has three major phases.


It is a process of introspection in which I become aware of my reality, of how and why I am that way.


It is the moment when you doubt that your way of being and acting is the only possible one.


With purposeful practice, you can behave differently with better self-management.


Who are you? What are your most outstanding qualities? What sets you apart from others?

We all have something special that sets us apart, something characteristic. It has to do with our character and our personality.


Where do you come from? What's your story? What explains why you are like this?

Everything count. All have made us who we are. Knowing why I am the way I am goes hand in hand with knowing what influenced us, what marked us, and what inspired us.

Shall we talk about the executive coaching program for you?

Executive Coaching, a growth program


The exercises will be adapted to your needs based on an expert diagnosis.


In an interview with an expert, I see what to keep in mind, where to pay attention, and how to personalize the exercises.


The first exercises are dedicated to getting to know oneself profoundly to learn how to manage ourselves.


The second part questions our beliefs and pushes us to try other options and create new habits.


And if it's not true? What would happen if we did things differently?

People with other values, which generate different emotions, do things differently. They are valid alternatives. Nothing is set in stone.


Okay, if it's not true, we'll have to try. We're going to try it!

Our beliefs are ours, but they are not unique. Accepting the difference is an exercise that enriches; putting it into practice makes us grow.

Shall we talk about the executive coaching program for you?

A program with personal and professional impact


In the end, we want to be the best version of ourselves.

With myself

It is about gaining inner peace and accepting ourselves with our virtues and defects.

With my family and friends

It's about improving our relationships, accepting others, and understanding their behaviour.

At work

It's about complementing, valuing differences, and allowing others to go where we cannot.


It's already a habit! You are still you, but now you can do other things naturally.

With practice, we learn to do things that, although not spontaneous, have become natural. We are not different, but we are wiser.


Finished the program, the action begins. Now is when you take advantage of it on a day-to-day basis.

You have grown as a person and learned to be more tolerant and value other opinions. Others teach you and complement you.

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