THE COOPLEXITY METHOD: How to obtain a superb performance by committing talent.

In today’s complex, uncertain and ever-changing business environment, collaboration is an essential ingredient for success. In high-performance organisations, collaboration across departments and functions also saves resources, identifies risks and generates opportunities.
Cooplexity proposes a cooperation-collaboration model for complexity, the result of more than ten years spent in research and five in gathering data. Three action levels are rigorously introduced, alongside their implications, their key factors and the catalysts that have allowed them to appear.

TEAMWORK: Motivation, commitment and results

This book is a reduced version of: “Cooplexity. A model of collaboration in complexity for management in times of uncertainty and change”. The intention of this edition is to get be more accessible for the reader, without missing the rigour nor the main contents of the model. The original, of a more academic profile, is the result of ten years research and five years gathering data about management behaviour in interdependent environments. The proposed collaboration model called Cooplexity is aimed at developing collaboration teams for improving performance and taking advantage of synergies.

LUDIC EXECUTIVES. The case for play in entrepreneurial.

This chapter proposes a play-based approach to executive training. The chapter argues that such an approach re-dresses some of the above imbalances and re-positions the interests of entrepreneurial and executive learners. The chapter evaluates the development of the approach to learning by using a play-based and experiential learning simulator called Synergy. Initial arguments and results are presented on why play-based designs can offer a productive response to some of the current criticisms that are levelled at executive and entrepreneurial training provision.