Cooplexity Model


Cooplexity stands for Cooperation-in Complexity

In today’s complex, uncertain and ever-changing business environment, collaboration is an essential ingredient for success. In high-performance organisations, collaboration across departments and functions also saves resources, identifies risks and generates opportunities.

Talented people work best in a team environment where enthusiasm and team spirit are high, ideas and information shared, and team members work together to accomplish common goals. The synergy that comes from high-performance teams adds value to all – team members, customers and the organisation.

Cooplexity proposes a cooperation-collaboration model for complexity, the result of more than ten years spent in research and five in gathering data.  Three action levels are rigorously introduced, alongside their implications, their key factors and the catalysts that have allowed them to appear.

What makes the Cooplexity model unique is the fact that it is based on a vast number of observations of synthesised behaviour, through repeated application of the same constructed environment of uncertainty and complexity.

In this book, the reader will find the critical guidelines for facilitating the emergence of collaborative behaviours, as well as a series of conclusions that challenge the classic concepts of teamwork and leadership as they have been understood up till now.

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  • Zamora Enciso, R. (2018). Cooplexity: Un modelo de colaboración en complejidad para la gestión en tiempos de incertidumbre y cambio (Tercera edición).