A high level of commitment implies a high level of performance?

A few weeks ago I was with Manel Peiró PhD, Academic Vice-Dean of ESADE Business School. On his desk was a copy of the new book by Michael Beer, a professor at the Harvard Business School, “High Commitment, High Performance: How to Build a Resilient Organization for Sustained Advantage”. Since his doctoral thesis had discussed …

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The Cooplexity model at Café Rouge

Some months ago I went to the Café Rouge Restaurant in Oxford and we had one of the most interesting service encounters ever. I was having dinner with my wife. This was not the first time we’d visited it and on previous occasions we had tried a very nice wine that was recommended by one …

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Emotion and personality

Some weeks ago I attended the last Advanced Research Seminar of the Leadership Development Research Centre (GLEAD) at ESADE. The issue presented was the Antonio Damasio’s Somatic Marker Hypotheses (SMH). The presentation started with the well known case of Phineas Gage I was intrigued by the story so I began to read about reaching to some …

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Collaboration is not always possible

One of the conclusions that came as a result of the research of the Cooplexity (Zamora Enciso, 2010) model was that the collaboration is not always possible. It depends on the level of maturity that a group has in terms of consciousness of itself. The groups with better results passed through the three levels of …

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The 12 Dilemmas of Change

This year I have been invited again to participate as assistant professor at the Experimental and Reflective Learning Week within the EMBA program at ESADE Business School. This program is under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jaap J. Boonstra. Boonstra is former Dean at Sioo, interuniversity centre for organizational change and learning and professor in …

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