About this blog

With this blog, I intend to share things that for any reason, in my field, I think they are outstanding. I am truly lucky to be focused professionally to a knowledge-related activity. Over the years, I have specialised in issues connected to what is shaping as complexity science and collaboration. I am deeply convinced of the goodness of collaborative solutions to address today’s problems. From all this I want to speak here about:

  • VUCA environments. Complexity in business, uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Key topics such as proactivity, cohesion and self-coordination.
  • Experiential learning, constructionism and interactive learning.
  • Areas such as systems thinking and complexity science.
  • Human behaviour related to interdependence and collaboration.
  • Methodical approaches based on simulation and gaming.

This blog intends to be selective. An open window through which to share topics that I consider of significant importance. However, perhaps we do not pay too much attention to them because of a very demanding the day to day life.

e-Coaching, my most exciting project

As a professor of the Interactive Learning Program at ESADE Business School, I am in contact with young professionals. There, I could see a clear need for coaching and advising. Nevertheless, these students not always have enough financial support to follow traditional coaching sessions. I committed to creating a methodology to coach in the remote seeing the enormous benefit either personal and professional they obtain from the expert feedback. Thus, a sort of e-Coaching could cover the needs without being expensive. I am now completely involved in a very nice project focused on helping people through developing this e-Coaching program.

My professional roles

I am the President of Cooplexity Consulting Group.

I am responsible for Cooplexity Consulting Group; a global organisation focused on Distributed Leadership. It offers consultancy services with related high-end learning and development programmes and coaching. It aims to facilitate cultural integration and change implementation, to break silos and improve inter and intra-team coordination, and to align objectives and focus the organisation on customers.

I am Professor of practice at ESADE Business School (top 10 worldwide).

I’m part of the ESADE’s research group on emotional and social competences. My contribution will consist of research on Teamwork Intelligence, a group of competences able to define a profile that best fits with solving problems in complex environments.

I am the Founder of Training Games.

Training Games is a training solution laboratory that specialises in conceiving and developing unique experiential learning solutions. We aim to achieve greater effectiveness through experimentation with Gaming & Simulation, resulting in friendlier and more practical training.

What have I studied?

ESADE Business School

MBA, Master of Science in Business Administration (1984 – 1986)
Honours: My dissertation titled “The Teamwork, a Valuable Resource in Complex Environments”, obtained a grade of outstanding Summa Cum Laude.
BBA, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (1980 – 1984).

Which are my interests?

  • Management Training
  • Simulation and Gaming
  • Teamwork
  • Distributed Leadership
  • Interdependence and Complexity
  • Uncertainty and Change Management
  • System Thinking

What I research?

My area of research is about how to help organisations to manage their processes of transformation. There is no doubt about the current direction of management towards talent management, distributed leadership, commitment, initiative and self-organised teams, etc. I have been developing during the last 20 years the Cooplexity Model, a six steps model to boost cooperation in complexity. It means how to promote collaboration and embrace a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Which are my groups and associations?

What languages do I speak? (or I try)?

Spanish (native speaker), Catalan (native speaker), English (fluent), French (good understanding), Mandarin (basic).